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The difference between Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3 and USB4


The latest Intel standard is the Thunderbolt 4 but what is the advantage? Computers, laptops etc with Thunderbolt 4 interfaces can run two external 4k screens from the same port, both at 40Gbps speeds, whereas a Thunderbolt 3 port can only run one 4k screen.

HDMI Feature definitions – simplified


This article takes each feature in the HDMI feature table and adds some explanation as to its meaning in simple and practical terms. Full HD Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD video: will the HDMI cable transmit the full resolution from a DVD or Blu-ray player.Consumer

HDMI cables and the standards


What are they and what do they all mean? The HDMI standard has been going for some years and the specification has improved over the time. Starting at version 1.0 with steady increases to the top current spec of 2.1. The following table shows the

High-Quality Cables and Components at Pi-cables


Pi-cables is a leading provider of high-quality display cables and components for new spec display and projectors. With a commitment to delivering superior products and exceptional customer service, Pi-cables has established itself as a trusted source for all display and data cables at sensible prices.

Pi-Cables: Your Source for High-Quality Cables and Components


Welcome to Pi-Cables, your go-to destination for all your high-quality cable and component needs. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a professional in the industry, or simply someone who appreciates the importance of reliable connections, we have you covered.Unparalleled QualityAt Pi-Cables, we understand that the quality